Dedicated On-Line Support for Microscope Users in Education, Health and Industry

What We Do

Lab58 offers a step by step guide to help you get the most from your microscope. Simple but effective videos guiding you through set up and the shut down of your microscope plus valuable expert tips. Guaranteeing you not only utilise your microscope to its full capacity but also ensuring you get the maximum life cycle from all parts and accessories.


Lab58 gives you the tools to explain, and explore your product without the need for a technical professional. Our easy to use interface ensures that whatever your microscopic needs, you can quickly access materials for training your engineers, ensuring they are always relaying the correct proceedures to your clients.


From school teachers, lecturers through to e-learning companies, the power of Lab58 gives you the ability to explain proceedures, and engage an audience in a new and incredible way. With the added benefit of educational discounts, not only can you access training materials quicker and easier than ever, you can also enjoy outstanding value.


Regardless of the issue one call out for a Service Engineer can cost up to £400. Research has shown that 80% of call outs require simple and quick fixes. Lab58 can reduce your annual microscope costs with access to its simple set-up, shut-down and expert tips combined with ‘Skype the Expert’. Instead of struggling alone or being unsure of what to do next a quick skype call could make all the difference and save you money.


Microscopes are both fragile and expensive. They require various technical processes to both protect them as an asset but also be operated to the required standard. However, your microscope users, be they experienced or novices, are your biggest asset. The Lab58 microscope video library will provide your users with a best practice resource that they can access at any time for training, problem solving or refining processes.


An ever-expanding video library of microscopes used in industry and education. Each microscope has a series of small video clips organised into the categories of set-up, shut-down and expert tips. These can be accessed individually, with clips lasting between 6 and 25 seconds.

Key Note:

Each month a keynote video will be on the site delivered by a respected industry professional.

OEM Approved:

The OEMs are our partners and see us as a complement to what they do. They want you, their customer, to be supported in using their equipment effectively.

OEM offers:

All of the OEMs will feed directly to the LaB58 site. Be the first to see OEM special offers, new products and technical information.


Often, when a problem occurs or something is not working correctly and you are under pressure to deliver, there is no support available unless you ‘call in’ a Service Engineer and face a hefty bill. With our Skype facility you get access to an expert quickly and effectively. Our experts can help you solve your problem.